Man, oh man.  Where to start with the fabled Roule?  Roule has been a bench,a boat, a cradle, an airplane, a train, an afternoon chill-out book space, a snail shell, all this and more.  Where do you want to go?  Roule will take you there!

Rocking the ability to appeal to all ages, he has hosted children and more than one adult for overnights as well as long afternoon enjoyments.  Heck, even a visiting dog found our house Roule and was chilling in less than five minutes.  No joke.  Proof positive, we say.  Oh, and this would probably be a good place to note that Roule is totally cleanable and durable.  Roule is to be USED.

Roule has manifestations in all sorts of skins ranging from super-silly to ridiculously Trumpy-bling, as well as coming in a scaled-up, double stuffed lounge pad edition with bigger folks in mind.  Wow.  We would just cry without you, Roule…..


Roule, The Series

  • Roule

The Roule can be a buttoned-up kind of chap. Sitting neatly as a friendly bench, he likes to be proper in a proper environment. However, give him a little push, and his soft side will roll out with the gentlest nudge. Ready to get his lounge on in the biggest way, this guy loves hosting everything from long afternoons of book reading to overnight slumber parties for both kids and even adults. An instant house, a cozy shell, a boat, a train, he can go anyplace your imagination is willing to take him.

Special Order Opportunity: For a limited time we are taking special orders for custom designed Roules! Designed around your child, your space, or your favorite poem, the Special Order includes design consultation, three design options, and a lovely final piece for your very own. For more information, go to the Shop and Special Orders page on the main menu.