Just look at this guy.  Really.  Come on.   Does he LOOK like over 100 small pieces of labored geometry came together to make THIS mug?  But, then, we here at Couchy remember that there are there are worms with 20,000 genes and feel immediately and sincerely humbled.  Stumbling along the periphery of understanding form, that is us……

More importantly, Smoot lets structure and squanch live both together and apart.  The absolute ultimate in super-big and smashy, a soft enveloping lounger, Smoot is a big, big squish when off his feet.  You simply can’t get more indulgent than Smoot. However, back on his toes, he strikes a absurdly strict geometry.  He likes the contrast, and so do we.


Pedestal 2, A.K.A. Smoot

  • Pedestal

Squanch meets structure in the ultra-indulgent Smoot.