Oh Mrs Shanklin’s Settee, you transport me back to a time of afternoon butter-mint eating.   I can hear the story starting now….. “Once upon a time in Spain, there was a little bull and his name was Ferdinand…”

At 29″ x 29″ wide, and 23″ tall, this Drop comes in at a perfect floor-furniture chill-out scale.  Her ultra-soft upholstery velvet and superfine upholstery grade brocade add to the comf-factor.


Big Ol’ Drops 1, A.K.A. Mrs Shanklin’s Settee

  • Big Ol' Drops

Big Ol' Drops of furniture fun..... did your Grandma's couch finally break all those silly rules? Hey people, the age of the girdle is ooooova. Keep the brocade, loose the stuffiness, and find a new level of snoozability.

Special Order Opportunity: For a limited time we are taking special orders for custom designed Big Ol' Drops! Designed around your child, your space, or your favorite poem, the Special Order includes design consultation, three design options, and a lovely final piece for your very own. For more information, go to the Shop and Special Orders page on the main menu.