Couchy is a human/object collective working to advance the cause of tactility, physicality, beauty, and imagination. In the simplest sense, we strive to unite humans of all ages with objects that ignite their understanding of and empathetic response to the physical world.

Weight is important. Texture and smell are important. A spatial sense of the physical world can unexpectedly unleash the ability to visualize and create with the mind. What one understands with the body can be deeply understood with the mind, leading to the extension of that understanding into the imagined and the visualized. Thus, creativity and freedom can be rooted in a three dimensional, gravitational, rhythmic understanding of our world.

Couchy strives to open these doors to the senses and imagination. A spatial sense of the world, rooted in unfolding geometries, is expressed in materials to stimulate the senses. We, in a sense, are objects just as rocks, stars, and couches are objects. Questioning the lines that separate us from our fellow matter can deepen our relationship with our world.

Ambitious? Yes. Loving? Yes. Striving, flowing, searching everyday? Yes.

Let us unite you, your child, or your favorite fellow human with Couchy. It is our most sincere wish that Couchy can bring creativity and awareness into the physical and emotional lives of humans everywhere.